How to Setup Chromecast Outside of the U.S.

The Google Chromecast, a recently launched device Google announced at a company breakfast, is receiving a lot of buzz and is quite the hit. Too bad the Chromecast is only available in the U.S. for now. While the Americans are enjoying their Youtube, Netflix and Chrome casting, the rest of the world is sitting, wishing they could get their hands on one. Well you can. Many people have gone out of their way to get one, and here is how to set one up if you’re outside of the U.S.

To setup Chromecast, you would normally go into the Play Store on your Android device and search for a Chromecast setup app. Since that app is region locked, no one outside of the U.S. can get there hands on the app through the Play Store. Thankfully, some of our fellow Americans were able to post the app, or .apk file, to Dropbox.

Here is the really easy process you need to go through to get your Chromecast setup.

Step #1: Download this file from Dropbox (preferably directly from your Android device). It is important to know where you download the file to on your device. If you download the file to your computer, you will have to transfer it to your Android device.

Step #2: Install and open the .apk file on your Android device. To do this, find the .apk you downloaded from Dropbox using a file explorer or using the latest downloads app. Once you find it, tap on it to get the option to install it. If your device does not allow you to install from “unknown sources”, then go into your settings application and find the security section. In the security section , enable “Unknown sources”.

Step #3: Go through the setup process. This includes choosing a name for your Chromecast and configuring some other settings. Don’t worry, it’s really straightforward.

Step #4: Enjoy your Chromecast!


  • In order to stream the Chrome browser from your computer, you need to have the Chromecast plugin installed.
  • The U.S. Netflix is currently unavailable to people outside the U.S., but don’t worry, XDA developers are already on it!
  • The testing and process of getting Google Chromecast to work was found in this thread on XDA Developers.

Got your Chromecast working? Here is a video explaining how to use it:

  • Rob Olgers

    Thanks for your tip regarding Chromecast’s setup outside the USA. A friend sent one over to Holland, however setup fails. It recognizes the setup name and my network but then says “could not connect, make sure Chromecast is nearby”. My router is 6 yards away.
    Do you have suggestions?
    Thanks and greetings from The Hague – Holland

    • David Grzyb (TNS)

      Maybe your router is incompatible? The device is still new and I have not come across such an issues.

      By doing a quick Google search and read through of the results, I believe you may be experiencing this problem with a hidden SSID (at the link).!topic/chromebook-central/HX1nMHFtgXc It’s a long shot, but its the solution you may be looking for.

      Thanks for the kind words, I hope to see you continuing to visit TNS! :)

      • Rob Olgers

        Hello David, thanks for your reply.
        Although it’s a long shot I will surely try to find the hidden SSID.
        I wiil do so after returning from a holiday in France. I’ll keep you posted.
        Kind regards,
        Rob Olgers

        Op maandag 26 augustus 2013 schreef Disqus (

        • David Grzyb (TNS)

          Hey Rob,

          Did you end up finding that SSID?

  • Park

    Thanks, It works great.

    • David Grzyb (TNS)

      No problem!

  • Caimitator

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately the Dropbox file is an android app file, is there anywhere that has the Apple app for download outside the US?


    • David Grzyb (TNS)

      Sorry there is no ay to setup a Chromecast on an iOS device.

      • Mikael Jakobsson

        No works only at Android, with APK file with out U.S and not sure if Iphone will get any chance to active before Google start sell it for rest of the world even if Amazone sell them now for worldwide its not sure Iphone will get a chance to run.

  • Grzegorz Feathers

    Hey, great, it worked for me! But what happens with the app updates?

    • David Grzyb (TNS)

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like updates through the Play Store will be possible. The only way you can update is to re-download and reinstall.

  • Louis

    I downloaded the apk file but when I tried to open it I encountered the “There was a problem parsing the package.” error. Does this mean the file in your Dropbox has become corrupted?? Thanks.

    • David Grzyb (TNS)

      Hey Louis,

      I went ahead and tested it on my Galaxy S3 and it worked without any issues. Keep in mind it is ideal to download the file directly onto your device through its browser.

      Hope this helped.

      • Louis

        Thanks for the reply. I have already managed to set up my Chromecast using an apk I found on xda forum. I downloaded directly to my phone too but perhaps there was some connection issues when downloading your file!?

        • David Grzyb (TNS)

          I am happy you found one that worked! I am trying to figure out why some people are experiencing problems.

  • Rob Olgers

    Hello David, I’m awfully sorry, I thought I’d already replied to you.
    Not getting connected to my Chromecast had everything to do with the Android phone I was using. My wife’s Wolfgang phone, from a German discount supermarket, couldn’t make the connection, but my daughter’s Samsung did.
    Everything’s working fine.
    Thanks again.


    • David Grzyb (TNS)

      No problem Rob! I’m glad you could get it to work.

      Hopefully you can drop by once in a while to see whats going on at TNS! :)

  • Paulo Sena

    I am from Brazil, but I managed to download the app in a different way. I simply searched the app using the Chrome Web Browser on my cell phone, one of the answers to my search was the link to the app. When I chose it, the Play Store gave the option to download it normally! #Success